Enjoy five days time out and a total reset for body, mind & soul

Attend a life-changing 5-day/4-night nourishing, engaging and deeply inspiring Wellness Retreat. We are so excited to be offering this unique 5-day immersion experience for the first time for those who are ready to try a 3-day, nourishing juice fast. It will be an educational, relaxing, deep-dive RESET for your health, with a transformational fasting component. This inaugural and unique five day immersion led expertly and with great care by Jason and Tracey will be punctuated with a guided, supported 3-day juice/broth fast on the middle three days.  You will ease into the juice fast on Day 1 with light plant based food and a nourishing soup for dinner. Then, ‘post fast’, we will ‘break-fast’ together in community on Day 5 with delicious light, high-fibre plant-based food.  What an achievement!  And all done while being completely held and guided and in the company of like-minded others. 

What You Can Expect
Enjoy high-level education most days from Jason about fasting, healthy longevity and bowel, gut and digestive health. Enjoy cooking classes and plant-based education most days from Tracey.  Be spoilt with her delicious plant-based food on day 1 and 5 and then enjoy gorgeous organic juices and hearty evening broths for your 3 day liquid Fast. 

RESET – Connect, settle, stretch, ground, chill out, rest and be soothed, uplifted and inspired with gentle (optional) daily meditation, yoga, walks in nature, vibrant discussions and Q & A’s and beautiful connection with your team of like-minded others. There will be daily check in circles and plenty of time to take quiet time and rest as well as time for reflection.   An additional relaxing massage will be available to book if desired. This is your immersion, you can do as much our as little as you like as you dive deep into this powerful, rejuvenating retreat experience in the glorious, luxury spaces and grounds of Kula Muriwai.

WHEN: Thursday 19th October 10am, to Monday 23rd 3pm , 2023
WHERE: Kula Muriwai, West Auckland 

COST: $1895.00 per person for twin share with shared bathroom  
            $1995.00 per person for own room with shared bathroom
            $1995.00 per person for twin share with ensuite bathroom   
            $2195.00 per person for own room  with ensuite bathroom
            $2495.00 per person for luxury master suite with luxury ensuite and private sauna

Includes: Beautiful luxury accommodation at either Kula Muriwai or Muriwai Lodge (5 mins drive away), all plant-based food and juices, yoga, meditation, regular deep dive (and often life-changing) educational seminars from Jason, plant-based cooking classes and demos from Tracey plus a workshop on ‘How to transition to a Plant-based Eating with Ease and Fun’, also from Tracey. Interactive ‘Life Balance’ Workshop with Tracey.  Daily check-in circles and plenty of time to rest, take time out and reflect on your experiences.  Not to mention the additional treats and activities that Kula has to offer like spa pool, infra-red sauna and even ice-cold plunge bath! 

NB The only additional investment is an optional massage should you desire it (and we strongly recommend it!) with one of our wonderful and highly qualified therapists who you can pre book with leading up to the retreat. 


Co-led by Jason Shon Bennett – three times best-selling author and NZ’s pre-eminent FastMaster – who has been regularly fasting for over 30 years, AND Tracey Bennett – Plant-Based, Wholefood Chef and Educator aka @The Reckless Foodie! Come and join us for an intimate 5 –day/ 4-night getaway retreat set on the luxury and simply idyllic location that is Kula, Muriwai.

We will ease in to the weekend with talks, activities and delicious light, nutrition dense smoothies, salads and soups, all prepared with love by Tracey and her team to ready ourselves for the 3-day fast we are about to embark on together. Learn what to eat the days leading up to a fast and how to best prepare for a fast. Be greeted with a gorgeous green smoothie. Be inspired with a cooking workshop with Tracey where you together create your delicious Buddha bowl for lunch. Begin your Fasting education journey with a powerful ‘Introduction to Fasting’ seminar with Jason. Enjoy an optional  lovely group nature walk. Connect and enjoy a beautiful light soup together before we begin our 3 days of vegetable juice/broth only at around 8pm that night.

Friday – Sunday
Start each of these days with an optional gentle energising/slow stretch yoga practice designed for where you are at on your fast followed by a meditation session, both by highly regarded practitioners. Be expertly, lovingly and powerfully guided through the 3-day nourishing juice/broth fast based on the tried and true principles of seasoned FastMaster Jason and culinary skills of Tracey and her team.  Be held, encouraged and supported through your fast with a group of like-minded others plus your two seasoned and skilled guides. Be distracted by the many seminars, workshops, sessions and holistic activities on offer or simple stay quiet, read, take rest, chill, play cards, enjoy nature, connect, reflect and contemplate – whatever serves you and your fasting process the best. Jason’s talks will be filled with ah ha moments and deep educational insight. Tracey will take you through the practical ways to set up your kitchen and pantry with essential items for success – learn the hacks from someone who has been cooking this way for nearly three decades. Enjoy the nutritionally dense organic juices served to you at morning and lunch as well as the hearty warming veggie broth in the evening. Feel the comradery and connection of the group as we do the evening check in circles – supporting and learning from each other’s processes.

Wake and celebrate – give yourself and others a hug, you did it! We will do our best to support you through the three days and you may be pleasantly surprised at how easily you manage it – especially in this setting and in such a supportive community. And if you don’t quite manage, don’t worry – it’s all part of it too and you will be taken care of! It will be a truly valuable process regardless with massive learnings to take away and implement into your daily life. After waking your body gently with a celebratory group beach walk on glorious Muriwai, you can enjoy and revel in the taste of food again with a delicious, light but lavish and lush varied plant-based breakfast –Enjoy a final Q & A Session with Jason to have all your questions answered, followed by a plant-based lunchtime feast for the eyes and senses prepared mindfully by Tracey and her team. Savour every mouthful as we slowly re-introduce high-fibre, high vibrational solid food again to your body. On this day, we learn the ideal ways to ‘break a fast’. To help you transition and set intentions around implementing the new learnings into your life, wind up the day with final powerful check-n circle with the group.  After hugs and goodbyes, leave with ‘doggie bags’ of that days delicious lunch to take home and share with the fam or have for dinner that night – the retreat that keeps on giving☺

A unique and transformational retreat like this is an amazing opportunity to grow and expand in different and sometimes unexpected ways and to make new connections and like-minded friends. It can be a wonderful thing to attend with your partner or good friend – so this is encouraged! Equally, coming along on your own is an awesome gift to yourself on your own terms. Even if it feels a little bit scary and out of your comfort zone, you will be SO glad you did it and will be wholeheartedly welcomed and embraced by the group… go for it!!!

Spaces are naturally limited for an intimate retreat of this nature – there will only be between 10 – 20 people, depending on how many book single rooms vs twin rooms. To reserve your spot with an initial deposit of $500, click button below! Or to ask any questions about the retreat, please email our personal assistant Luke on luke@jasonshonbennett.com 

So, if you are a little unsure, just read these testimonials and take the plunge and book that Friday off work – you will be so glad you did and will be in expert hands. This will be an exceptional and transformational retreat with a lot of fun, heart, connection and inspiration – we cannot wait to host you!

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