The Jason Shon Bennett Health Quiz

The Jason Shon Bennett Health Quiz

To get my opinion on your state of health and your longevity potential, answer the following questions completely and honestly. If none of the answers exactly applies to you, just choose the closest to your situation.

The Jason Shon Bennett Health Quiz:

Your health is not a genetic lottery, it is about your daily diet, lifestyle and environment choices, leading to your ‘genetic expression of health’. We are not even close to taking our health and longevity seriously yet. Use this quiz as a simple reality check on your health behaviours and as a way to look at your health status based on the habits you have today, creating the illnesses of tomorrow. To get my opinion on your state of health and your longevity potential, answer the following questions completely honestly. If none of the answers exactly apply to you, just choose the one closest to your situation.

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How the quiz works

The Jason Shon Bennett Health Quiz works by illuminating the poor habits that lead to poor health and disease. Health is much more than the absence of disease. Right now people everywhere are getting sicker younger, not healthier. Exceptional health is where the mind and body are functioning at peak efficiency and strength. This quiz is not designed to stress you out, merely to have you consider what parts of your daily routines and habits can be improved. The diet, lifestyle and environmental choices we make today generally feed the illnesses of tomorrow. You can change your life, your illness, your genetics and your longevity. You CAN get healthy (and it is easy) but first we need to know where you are right now. The body always tells the truth.

Why should you do this quiz?

Real health is all but forgotten by most people. There are always things we can improve on and learn. As 90%+ of us in modern society’s die of preventable illness, then most of us are already pre-ill. To avoid the modern diseases, changes must be made to your habits today. Today is the only time you have and the only time that matters. What are the habits you have today that are creating your future disease rates? Drinking too much? Smoking? Eating a constipating diet? Avoiding rest and sleep? Living a high-stress lifestyle? Not eating 10 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily? Too much meat, gluten, sugar, fat and salty processed foods? These are the things that are killing most of us. So when you do this questionnaire, look for “What am I currently doing” and “What can I do better?”

Did you know?

Over 97% of your cells are rebuilt every year so if you want to really get well then it takes time. You cannot eat poor-quality foods, smoke and drink, be sleep-deprived, avoid exercise and carry high stress for 40 years and then expect it to be fixed in a month. You don’t just wake up one day with heart disease, cancer, obesity or diabetes. You build them over many years. They are latent and growing in the body unseen until they explode or are noticed by a practitioner. Most of us are predicted to die from hypertension-related diseases yet these are almost universally preventable. Over 30% of heart disease is undiagnosed and around 25% of all heart attacks are instantly fatal. The really sad news is that most of the illness, sickness and disease we suffer is of our own doing.

Your score

This quiz is not designed to stress you out, merely to have you consider what parts of your daily routines and habits can be improved. There are always things we can improve on and learn. If you end up with a score of 20 yet you feel fine and want to keep doing what you are currently doing, then disregard this information and carry on! There is no ‘one way’ for everyone. Enjoy the quiz, do it in a light hearted way, take from it what is helpful to you and throw the rest away ok? The quiz does not include a full physical or a thorough blood test (both of which I recommend). It does not take into account your family history, genetics and the diet and lifestyle you have followed for the last 20 years – all of which are important.

There is a little humour in the quiz as I have always found that mixing humour in when discussing health is very important. I present around the world on heart disease, bowel cancer, breast cancer, diabetes and obesity and much more. My commitment is to help people back to exceptional health – however I can do this. Without humour, I find people do not engage nearly as much in considering change to their daily lives and habits. Humour is often great as a way of highlighting the problem in a way that people can understand, look at themselves and look at their health issues.

If you feel like you are in good shape then I am sure you are! If you feel strongly that this quiz is not for you, my rating is not for you and this is all a load of rubbish then I suggest you disregard this quiz information/humour/advice and carry on doing what you are doing. The quiz is clearly not relevant for you. I genuinely wish you a long healthy life free of drugs and disease.

The long term trick with exceptional health is what you do every day rather than what you do not do. Does this make sense? For example, being gluten-free does not make one healthy at all. You could be ‘gluten-free’ while drinking a bottle of wine per night, eat lollies all day, be highly stressed, constipated, under slept, with high blood pressure, unfit, inflexible, not live in a healthy routine or rhythm, and actually be very unwell, or at the very least; pre-ill and growing disease.

The reason I am so hard on the questionnaire is that 90% of Kiwis are dying young from preventable diseases. Over 40% from heart disease which we know is around 99% preventable (we lose more than one Kiwi every 90 minutes from preventable heart disease alone). Over 29% die with cancer which we know is around 97% non-genetic and therefore dictated to by diet, lifestyle and environment. We are the third fattest developed nation in the world and overtaking Australia to take on the USA. We have 29% obesity rates here now and a generation of children who will have shorter lives than we will thanks to the obesogenic environment around them and the acidic, constipating, lifeless, processed and refined ‘so-called’ foods they are growing up on.

Experts across the world are now refuting the common myth that we are growing older healthier because we are clearly not. “There will be a generation of children who will die before their parents. They will be so fat that they will develop diabetes, cancer, heart disease – there’s an endless list” From Cardiff and Vale University Health Board statistics January 15, 2012.

Norm R.C. Campbell, MD, from the University of Calgary in Alberta, and colleagues. “As a result, it is predicted the next generation will live a shorter life span. If this occurs, it will be the first decline in life span since industrialization,” they wrote in a commentary published online in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.

NOTE: I have personally known people in their 30s and 40s who have deeply suffered or died from osteoporosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), asthma, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, stomach cancer, bone cancer, breast cancer, diverticulitis, depression, gout or arthritis. I have seen the devastation that occurs when someone dies young. And we think this is acceptable? We think that getting fat or obese, having rising blood pressure and cholesterol, losing our strength and libido, is just part of aging and is normal? In the Western world it may be, but everywhere else it isn’t. We consistently hear the message that we are ‘living longer than ever’, but this is simply not true.