February 25, 2018

VIDEO: Jason Speaks (Greatest Hits Rapid Fire!)

Here I am in a short compilation clip speaking across a number of topics. I touch on genetic expression, fasting, my journey, healthy longevity, eating less, fasting, plant-based diets, weight loss and the four root causes of disease (just a short rave hahaha).
February 18, 2018

VIDEO: Jason Welcomes You!

The JSB Website is designed to be your place to go for free, unbiased, researched, updated, health information, education, podcasts, videos, articles, blogs and recipes. This video shows you how to get the most out of it - enjoy and please share it!
April 16, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are in the privileged position of being able to gift this education and research. This means all the information, blogs, articles, podcasts and recipes on this website are free. No hidden steak knives, branded multi-vitamin pills or multi-level pyramid schemes.
May 1, 2018


Hello and a HUGE welcome to my reborn website! This is where I will share all of my health research, advice, education and information. My long-term passion and commitment has always been that my research, learnings and health education is free. And so it is.