November 29, 2019

The Jason Shon Bennett ‘Not-A-Pie’ Chart

Here is a reminder of the basic way we have always eaten. Mostly plants. Mostly wholefoods. Greens dominating the plate. Lots of fibre. Lots of colour. This is how I eat. A plant-based wholefood diet. Very cool for your fridge door or wherever the food is!
November 29, 2019

The Jason Shon Bennett Healthy Food Pyramid

This is a 'Jason' version of the varied and controversial official food pyramids. It is a basic guide, a support, an inspiration, an overview. Print it and stick it up somewhere you will look at it while getting food, preparing food, cooking food or buying food!
November 29, 2019

VIDEO: Grapefruit is a Superfood (2019)

Grapefruit is super gentle on digestion, high in fibre, bursting with living enzymatic activity, it stimulates the liver to detoxify the body, has prebiotics, is packed with vitamin and plantioxidant components AND contains naringenin to naturally help burn fat!
June 1, 2019

GOLDEN Rule 19: Get your Nutrients from your Food

Eating an apple is always better than trying to find the magical component in an apple, isolating it, extracting it, recreating it from a genetically engineered piece of corn sugar, and then synthesizing this artificial substance into a pill. Just eat the apple.
May 13, 2019

Calcium Myths – Part Two

Your bone health is about far more than just calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium, is fat soluble and the body stores it so it is available when required for calcium utilization. You do not need to take it at the same time in a pill.
May 13, 2019

Calcium Myths – Part One

Calcium is one of the most important and abundant minerals in the human body. The calcium in plant foods is far better absorbed than the calcium in cow’s milk as it has all the natural co-factors present. I gave up dairy 25 years ago and I have never looked back.