March 16, 2018

I think I know it all!

My story started out as a know-it-all. After being sick every day for 20 years I had a girlfriend tell me that I should “change my diet” and get well, to “stop complaining about it and actually do something different for once!” Very confronting!
December 10, 2018

Acid/Alkaline Balance- what does it mean?

Your body’s acid-alkaline balance is vitally important to your overall health but is often overlooked when health problems are addressed. Oxidation is a root cause of illness and one way to explain oxidation is by using the terms ‘acid’, ‘neutral’ and ‘alkaline’.
December 21, 2018

Coffee, your liver and weight gain

Coffee damages the liver and that raises early death risk from all the major NCDs. A study found that drinking coffee negatively affects the individual components of liver function. Your liver is in charge of your weight, fat burning and aging. 
May 18, 2019

Coffee Research & References

Coffee is a risk factor for the development of high blood pressure. Consuming caffeine on a regular basis raises your blood pressure higher than it otherwise would be. Why I recommend you give up coffee - the science, the medical research and references.
June 1, 2019

GOLDEN Rule 20: Find your H.A.P.P.Y. Paradigm

These are the things that make the biggest difference in strengthening body, mind and soul for the hard times. The hard times come and go like the weather. The more robust we are be during these times, the more we move ahead when the sun is out.
June 7, 2019

The Secret to Sustainable Health Changes

A long healthy life is not actually about money, fame, power or medications. If your health fails, no amount of money can buy health. Health must be earned through diet, lifestyle and environmental choices; through behaviour and good habits. 
November 29, 2019

The Jason Shon Bennett Healthy Food Pyramid

This is a 'Jason' version of the varied and controversial official food pyramids. It is a basic guide, a support, an inspiration, an overview. Print it and stick it up somewhere you will look at it while getting food, preparing food, cooking food or buying food!
November 29, 2019

The Jason Shon Bennett ‘Not-A-Pie’ Chart

Here is a reminder of the basic way we have always eaten. Mostly plants. Mostly wholefoods. Greens dominating the plate. Lots of fibre. Lots of colour. This is how I eat. A plant-based wholefood diet. Very cool for your fridge door or wherever the food is!
November 30, 2019

VIDEO: GR#20 ‘Find your H.A.P.P.Y Paradigm’ (2015)

Home, Attitude, Philosophy, Proactivity, You matter. ‘The H.A.P.P.Y. Paradigm’ is a little different to the standard conversations around stress. This GOLDEN Rule is informed by the healthiest and longest-lived centenarians and how they cope with stress.