February 6, 2020

VIDEO: The 4 Causes of Disease (from 2020 podcast)

This video is #3 in a series of 11 from a 2020 podcast covering many different aspects of my Regular Intelligent Fasting® learnings and experience. It is a relaxed fun chat and gives a really good sense of fasting the way I recommend you do it.
November 29, 2019

The Jason Shon Bennett ‘Not-A-Pie’ Chart

Here is a reminder of the basic way we have always eaten. Mostly plants. Mostly wholefoods. Greens dominating the plate. Lots of fibre. Lots of colour. This is how I eat. A plant-based wholefood diet. Very cool for your fridge door or wherever the food is!
December 12, 2019

VIDEO: Are Soybeans & Wheat demon foods? (2017)

This is a question I get asked at almost every seminar I do. Have you ever had someone say "I never eat soy because of all the phytoestrogens. I read about it on the internet so it must be true..." Well, maybe, maybe not…. Let's bust the myth. Soybeans are GOLD!
November 29, 2019

The Jason Shon Bennett Healthy Food Pyramid

This is a 'Jason' version of the varied and controversial official food pyramids. It is a basic guide, a support, an inspiration, an overview. Print it and stick it up somewhere you will look at it while getting food, preparing food, cooking food or buying food!
June 10, 2019

Plant-Based Diets Prevent Disease: References

'Can lifestyle changes reverse coronary heart disease?' 'Cardiovascular disease mortality and cancer incidence in vegetarians: a meta-analysis and systematic review' 'Hypertension and blood pressure among meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans in the EPIC study'
December 11, 2019

VIDEO: The Astonishing Cats & Rats Studies (2017)

This is the tale of two incredible studies that show exactly what happens to a species when you feed them what we are currently eating. They get sick young, they die young, they suffer and their offspring lose the ability to reproduce. Sound familiar...?
December 9, 2019

VIDEO: Food & Fertility (2017)

Did you know that 90% of the world’s 1.8 billion adolescents live in low/middle-income countries, due to falling fertility rates in the West? Lost your mojo boy? Infertility is mainly a male issue now. Eat yourself to a healthier pregnancy if you are interested...
December 9, 2019

VIDEO: Cultural Global Diets (2014)

What are cultures around the world eating? How does it impact their longevity? We here in NZ and Australia are eating some of the worst food available and we are getting sicker, younger. How about the Russians? The Germans? The French? Doing any better?
December 9, 2019

VIDEO: Longevity & Centenarians (2015)

Here is a short exceptional health video speaking broadly about Longevity & Centenarians. These short clips were originally filmed when we were 'The Exceptional Health Company' however they were so popular, here they are again.