February 16, 2018

VIDEO: Jason on Digestion (2011)

Your bowels, digestive system and microbiome is the most important part of the human body. It does everything, builds everything and controls your health, energy and longevity. Take care of it. Eating a plant-based wholefood diet is step one.
February 17, 2018

VIDEO: GR#3 Honour Thy Bowel (2015)

All human health starts in the digestive system. Your digestive system (commonly thought of as the gut) is the single most important thing you have. It takes the food you eat; then cleans, fuels, rebuilds and repairs every part of your body — every system, every cell.
February 18, 2018

VIDEO: Constipation Top 10 Tips (2017)

A critical step in transforming your health is to get regular in your bowels. There are 10 simple steps I have learned over the last 30+ years that are a near 100% fool proof guaranteed cure for constipation. Be prepared though as it will require change...
February 19, 2018

VIDEO: Fibre, bowel health – eat an apple! (2014)

Here I am talking and reminding you about why a high-fibre plant-based diet is so important. Fibre is the critical factor that runs your digestive system. You can mix it up the way that suits you best but always remember; plants = fibre = longevity.
November 29, 2019

The Jason Shon Bennett Healthy Food Pyramid

This is a 'Jason' version of the varied and controversial official food pyramids. It is a basic guide, a support, an inspiration, an overview. Print it and stick it up somewhere you will look at it while getting food, preparing food, cooking food or buying food!
November 29, 2019

The Jason Shon Bennett ‘Not-A-Pie’ Chart

Here is a reminder of the basic way we have always eaten. Mostly plants. Mostly wholefoods. Greens dominating the plate. Lots of fibre. Lots of colour. This is how I eat. A plant-based wholefood diet. Very cool for your fridge door or wherever the food is!
November 29, 2019

VIDEO: The Six Crucial Food Groups (2019)

There are six food groups that contain fibre. Fibre runs, feeds and cleans your digestive system, which gives you your entire health profile - good or bad, disease or health. Your digestive system is the most important part of the human body. Take care of it.
November 29, 2019

VIDEO: Grapefruit is a Superfood (2019)

Grapefruit is super gentle on digestion, high in fibre, bursting with living enzymatic activity, it stimulates the liver to detoxify the body, has prebiotics, is packed with vitamin and plantioxidant components AND contains naringenin to naturally help burn fat!
December 9, 2019

VIDEO: Cultural Global Diets (2014)

What are cultures around the world eating? How does it impact their longevity? We here in NZ and Australia are eating some of the worst food available and we are getting sicker, younger. How about the Russians? The Germans? The French? Doing any better?