February 15, 2018

White meat like chicken is no better than red meat

White meat being better than red meat is a myth. Grilled chicken has been shown to form higher concentrations of the dangerous PhIP and HCAs than other types of cooked red meat. These are some of the most dangerous chemicals in the entire food chain.
February 15, 2018

VIDEO: 8 Key Steps for Weight Loss – Part 1 (2014)

Part 1 of 3. Weight loss is a simple process for the body but a trickier process for the mind. What are the things we need to change? What behaviours need to shift? What do we need to put in place? What are the most important things I should focus on?
February 16, 2018

Infertility is mainly a male issue now

Sperm counts have fallen by almost 50% over the previous 50 years. Sperm counts in the 1940s were typically well above 100m sperm cells per millilitre, but they are commonly found now at less than 20m per millilitre. This is directly due to poor health habits.
February 16, 2018

Chicken, saturated fat and breast cancer

Those eating the highest amount of chicken had a 155% increased risk of estrogen receptor negative breast cancer. Chicken intake is NOT associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. Saturated fat - rich in chicken flesh - is directly linked to breast cancer risk.
February 17, 2018

We are eating 10x more chicken and we are the most overweight people in the world…

Chicken, even with the skin removed, is still 23% saturated fat (then cooked in oil!). I thought eating chicken was all about “the protein and keeping slim”…? Marketing has done a great job fooling everyone – even nutritionists, dietitians and personal trainers.
February 17, 2018

Chicken from the Kids Fattening Centre

In America, they are now eating more than one million chickens every hour and over 76 million people get food poisoning every year. Yes, you heard that correctly. Over a million chickens every hour. They are supposedly clean, healthy and fresh. Maybe not.
February 22, 2018

Coffee raises blood pressure

Continuous long-term coffee drinking → over-stimulates cortisol production → adjusts the way your genes express themselves → causes blood vessels to remain narrowed → raises blood pressure → increases the risk of heart attack, heart failure, HEART DISEASE...
December 11, 2018

How does the ‘Acid/Alkaline Balance’ Work?

After digestion, all foods report to the kidneys, leaving either an acid or an alkaline ash behind, deposited in your tissues. The kidneys are responsible for fluid balance and maintaining a relatively neutral pH in the body. This is how foods affect acid-alkaline balance.
December 13, 2018

Asthma reduced by a high-fibre, plant-based diet

“People with asthma may benefit from improving their diet. Lower fiber intake was related to poorer lung function and increased airway inflammation in people with asthma” Bronwyn Berthon, University of Newcastle, Australia. The research keeps coming.