December 11, 2019

Organic produce is more nutritious and healthier

In 1950 there were 100 varieties of tomato grown in New Zealand; today you can expect around 5. In 1903, in the US there were 46 varieties of asparagus, now there are 3; and there were 164 varieties of celery, there are now 3.
December 11, 2019

Eat organically grown vegetables when you can

Eating most red meat delivers antibiotic fallout. New Zealand animal farming uses 80,000 kg of antibiotics every year. Hormone growth promotants (HGPs) are still used in areas of New Zealand even though they have been banned by the EU since 1988.
November 29, 2019

The Jason Shon Bennett ‘Not-A-Pie’ Chart

Here is a reminder of the basic way we have always eaten. Mostly plants. Mostly wholefoods. Greens dominating the plate. Lots of fibre. Lots of colour. This is how I eat. A plant-based wholefood diet. Very cool for your fridge door or wherever the food is!
February 6, 2020

VIDEO: Jason’s Childhood (from 2020 podcast)

This video is #1 in a series of 11 from a 2020 podcast covering many different aspects of my Regular Intelligent Fasting® learnings and experience. It is a relaxed fun chat and gives a really good sense of fasting the way I recommend you do it.
November 29, 2019

The Jason Shon Bennett Healthy Food Pyramid

This is a 'Jason' version of the varied and controversial official food pyramids. It is a basic guide, a support, an inspiration, an overview. Print it and stick it up somewhere you will look at it while getting food, preparing food, cooking food or buying food!
December 11, 2019

VIDEO: What about pesticides & herbicides? (2017)

One of the questions I get asked the most is about pesticides and herbicides in vegetables and fruits. People think to avoid them and instead eat more animal foods. Wrong. Toxins and chemicals are concentrated in animals - which are then eaten.
May 13, 2019

Dairy Does Not Guarantee Strong Bones – Part 2

The dairy industry have warned us for many years that a diet without dairy foods can lead to osteoporosis but in spite of all the claims and recommendations by medical doctors, there is no valid scientific evidence to support this theory. No evidence at all. 
May 13, 2019

Dairy Does Not Guarantee Strong Bones – Part 3

“Calcium intake demonstrated no protective in preventing bone fractures. In fact, those populations with the highest calcium intakes had higher fracture rates than those with more modest calcium intakes”. This is a common theme in calcium research globally.
May 13, 2019

Dairy Does Not Guarantee Strong Bones – Part 4

If you want to put on weight, any dietitian will tell you to “drink milk, eat more cheese, have ice cream” etc… The average New Zealander consumes more than 270kg of dairy products every year; 190kg cow’s milk and cream, 13kg of cheese, 22kg of ice cream...