Alcohol and drinking young - Part Five

I was asked to comment recently on the study showing that the younger you introduce your kids to alcohol, the more likely they are to become problem drinkers.

Here is part five of my response. 

A 2011 study by Curtin University’s National Drug Research Institute found a tenfold increase in the risk of hospital admissions for cases of alcoholic cirrhosis in those aged 20 to 29 over the five years to 2003.   

It showed while overall deaths due to alcoholic liver disease were falling, there was a gradual increase in the risk of young people developing alcoholic hepatitis, or early stage alcoholic liver disease. 

So our drinking is completely out of control, right across society, rich or poor, and at every level of society.  

This is driven by the desperate need to make money by the large alcohol companies.  

Pure and simple.  

The earlier you drink, the more likely you are to consider drinking normal, the more likely you are to drink more, the more likely you are to develop either mental alcohol-related problems, emotional alcohol-related problems, addiction-based alcohol-related problems or physical disease and early death, alcohol-related problems…  

Posted: Saturday 18 October 2014