Heart failure immediately reversed by olive oil?

The studies on olive oil are very conclusive; it is very good for heart health. 

“These genes are often suppressed in failing hearts. So the fact that we can restore beneficial gene expression, as well as more balanced fat metabolism, plus reduce toxic fat, just by supplying hearts with oleate is a very exciting finding. This gives more proof to the idea that consuming healthy fats can have a significantly positive effect on cardiac health”
Dr Douglas Lewandowski of the University of Illinois in Chicago, October 2014. 

The study by Dr Douglas Lewandowski and researchers at the University of Illinois, found that when rats with heart disease were fed “aplmitate” (a fat found in meats and dairy products), the heart disease worsened. 

When the rats with heart disease were then fed “oleate” (olive oil), the beneficial heart contraction and pumping of the blood improvement was immediate. 

Oleate helps our body to create more of the enzymes responsible for breaking down fat. More evidence to add to the large body of research already carried out on olive oil and its health benefits.

Study by Dr Douglas Lewandowski and researchers at the University of Illinois as published in Circulation journal, October 2014 and reported by ANI in Washington on October 2, 2014.

Posted: Sunday 2 November 2014