New Zealanders snack food choices not so good right now...

The Nielsen Company released research in November looking at the snack choices of New Zealanders. 

Over 97% of Kiwis now snack and they spend $900 million per year on snack foods. 

The Top Ten snacks we have eaten in the last 30 days:

  • The majority was highly-processed constipating and low-fibre
  • Most was what could nicely be described as “junk food”
  • Chocolate, potato chips, cookies, biscuits, cheeses and crackers…
  • Vegetables barely scraped into the top ten at #9
  • Fresh fruit intake was high (which is good) but I would suspect that statistic was almost completely bananas! 

As reported in the NZ Herald on Saturday Nov 15, 2014.

Posted: Sunday 23 November 2014