Grapefruit again shown to be very powerful for weight loss

I have raved and recommended grapefruits for years for health and longevity, even writing about them in detail in my first book Eat Less, Live Long.  More science keeps coming about them and it keeps confirming the same things; weight loss, fat-burning, healthier blood and disease prevention.

 “[The grapefruit power on weight loss] was very surprising”
Joseph Napoli, PhD, professor and chair of nutritional sciences and toxicology at the University of California, Berkeley, October 2014. 

The researchers fed mice high fat diets, and then tried grapefruit juice alongside medications and other foods.  They found the mice drinking the grapefruit juice:

  • Lost 18% more weight
  • Had a 13-17% drop in blood glucose levels
  • Had a threefold decrease in insulin levels 

Not bad at all for something that is free all over the New Zealand community right now as people let it fall from the tree in their back yards and rot on the ground! 

Go get some!

Study as published Wednesday October 8, 2014 in the journal PLOS ONE.

Posted: Tuesday 28 October 2014