Saturated fat not the panacea after all...

Beware of the media suddenly reporting something that seems too good to be true. 

“Now that there is a lot of publicity about sugar being bad for you and a cause of the rise in obesity, some people are arguing that sugar is the cause of all our health problems, and that fat is now somehow ok. It’s not. Saturated fat is as bad for our health as it ever was. The message should be to replace saturated fats with vegetable fats and oils as well as to eat less free sugar and refined carbohydrates. New Zealanders should ignore recent publications such as Time magazine saying butter and full-fat milk should be added back into everyday diets. We don’t want to reverse the amazing gains we have made in heart health by going back to the high saturated fat diets of 50 years ago”
Cardiac epidemiologist Professor Rod Jackson from the University of Auckland, October 2014.

Posted: Saturday 1 November 2014