Supercentenarian longevity is shown again to be 'not genetic'

Most people believe (as the media has told them), that living a long healthy life is luck, “good genes” and beyond the reach of normal folk. 

Not so true. 

As I have blogged on many times before, longevity is 99% about diet, lifestyle and environment. 

This has been proven yet again in the most recent update of the extremely old. 

In this research, 17 supercentenarians (people to live over 110), aged 111-116 were genetically tested and compared with 34 people aged 21-39. 

The researchers said “We found no significant evidence of enrichment for a single rare protein-altering variant or for a gene harboring different rare protein altering variants in supercentenarian compared to control genomes. There was no magic gene behind the supercentenarians’ longevity”. 

Study by Stuart Kim of Stanford University in California and colleagues as published in PLoS One, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0112430, November 2014. The research was supported by the Ellison Medical Foundation/American Federation for Aging Research Fellowship, Stanford Dean’s Fellowship, The Paul Glenn Foundation Biology of Aging Seed Grant, National Institute of General Medical Sciences Center for Systems Biology and the University of Luxembourg - Institute for Systems Biology Program.

Posted: Monday 24 November 2014