Over 70% of breast cancer is preventable...and this is conservative

Most of the time we think of cancer as being “genetic”, “hereditary” or just “bad luck” however the truth is far more empowering. 

“Study after study shows that the earlier in life healthy behaviors take hold, the greater the opportunities to lower the risk of diseases like heart disease and cancer - and to extend life. And the weight of new evidence shows that this may be particularly so when it comes to breast cancer. For a disease that is responsible for one out of every four cancers in women worldwide, researchers now understand that well over half of cases could be avoided through primary prevention with roots in early childhood and adolescence. The years between menarche and when a woman gives birth to her first child mark the most rapid aging of breast tissue as well as the fastest underlying rate of cell changes that could eventually lead to cancer.” 

“Eating too many calories, leading to weight gain and obesity; eating a diet high in animal protein and low in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; getting little or no physical activity; and drinking alcohol. A review of evidence suggests that close to 70% of breast cancers could be prevented. Only 7% of all National Institutes of Health breast cancer research projects currently focus on prevention...”
Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH, professor of medicine at Washington University in St. Louis and associate director of prevention and control at the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center, October 2014. 

The original MedPage Today article for the American Association for Cancer here

Posted: Saturday 25 October 2014