When the heading to an article is the exact opposite of what the article actually says...

The heading to an article in a UK paper on October 23, 2014, read as follows; “Britain’s oldest gym buff who turned 100 credits yoga and champagne with longevity” 

This is a classic example of how some in the media will turn a story completely around to give the heading they are after. 

It is also another sad reminder of the deep cynicism around health and alcohol and how we are searching desperately for proof that tells us we can drink all the time and still have a long healthy life. 

In the article, Sam Heggessey actually said “I eat three healthy meals a day. I avoid red meat and alcohol – although I treat myself to half a glass of champagne per week”. 

He puts his health and longevity down to diet and lifestyle choices. Not alcohol at all. He drinks barely half a glass of alcohol a week, which is not heavy drinking or even moderate drinking. It is very low level drinking, funnily enough, along the lines of the world’s healthiest centenarians… 

So the headline about his longevity and health being due to drinking alcohol is not quite true is it? 

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Posted: Friday 28 November 2014