How to not get cancer according to the experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO) - Part Two

Today I list the Top 10 things you can do according to WHO. 

Here are the Top 10 WHO anti-cancer recommendations as announced in October 2014: 

  1. Do not smoke. Do not use any form of tobacco. 
  1. Make your home smoke-free. Support smoke-free policies in your workplace. 
  1. Take action to be a healthy body weight. 
  1. Be physically active in everyday life. Limit the time you spend sitting. 
  1. Have a healthy diet:
  • Eat plenty of whole grains, pulses, vegetables and fruits.
  • Limit high-calorie foods (foods high in sugar or fat) and avoid sugary drinks.
  • Avoid processed meat; limit red meat and foods high in salt. 
  1. If you drink alcohol of any type, limit your intake. Not drinking alcohol is better for cancer prevention. 
  1. Avoid too much sun, especially for children. Use sun protection. Do not use sunbeds. 
  1. In the workplace, protect yourself against cancer-causing substances by following health and safety instructions. 
  1. Find out if you are exposed to radiation from naturally high radon levels in your home. Take action to reduce high radon levels. 
  1. Breastfeeding reduces the mother’s cancer risk.

Posted: Monday 27 October 2014