Smoking ban for anyone born after 2000 - GENIUS

Sometimes an idea comes along that is so obvious and simple that it immediately clarifies the issue and solves it.

“Anyone born after 2000 should be banned from smoking”
British Medical Association (BMA), annual meeting, 2014. 

The British Medical Association represents more than 153,000 doctors and students from all branches of medicine, across the UK. 

“The level of harm caused by smoking is unconscionable. Smoking is a choice made by adolescents that result in an adulthood of addiction and an early death. By banning the sale of cigarettes to people born after 2000, we begin to create the first tobacco free generation”
Dr Tim Crocker-Buque, June 2014. 

I am not sure what else to say here.  

This is genius.  

This is rare informed future-thinking intelligence.  

This is looking at the #1 cause of preventable death on Planet Earth and planning to end it.  

This could create the first smoke-free generation.

This is protection for the 600,000 innocent people who die every year because someone else selfishly smoked near them and killed them. 

This is thoughtful smart planning and a genuine realistic strategy to change this destructive generational addiction that serves no human except the bloodsuckers who sell this poison to children. 

We know over 80% of smokers start as teenagers as a result of intense peer pressure. 

I back this initiative completely.

Posted: Thursday 9 October 2014