Green tea lowers blood pressure (the opposite of coffee)

If you want healthy beverages, than you have water; closely followed by green tea. 

“We found very promptly that after drinking green tea; there was a protective effect on the endothelium”
Cardiologist Dr. Charalambos Vlachopoulos. 

In November 2014, in a massive meta-analysis of 25 randomised controlled trials, green tea has again been shown to “significantly lower blood pressure”. 

Study by Gang Liu, Xue-Nan Mi, Xin-Xin Zheng, Yan-Lu Xu, Jie Lu and Xiao-Hong Huang “Effects of tea intake on blood pressure: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials” as published in the British Journal of Nutrition, Volume 112, Issue 07, October 2014, pp 1043-1054. Also; study by Dr. Nikolaos Alexopoulos of Athens Medical School in Greece found those who drank green tea showed “greater dilation of their heart arteries on ultrasound 30 minutes later than those drinking diluted caffeine”.

Posted: Wednesday 10 December 2014