Alcohol given to kids early just creates more problem drinkers later

How many times have we seen this research before?  Many times and it just keeps on coming from different research projects all over the globe.

“Parents are the major supplier of alcohol to the under 18s. Many of these do so with the best of intentions, to introduce alcohol in a safe, supervised environment, with the aim of moderating a child’s drinking”
Professor Richard Mattick, alcohol study chief investigator, September 2014.

The Australian National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre followed nearly 2,000 families for over four years.

They found categorically that “Young teenagers who are given alcohol by their parents were THREE TIMES more likely to be heavily drinking by age 16”.

“The results also indicate that those children who are given alcohol by their parents may be more likely to seek out alcohol from a variety of other sources”
Dr Monika Wadolowski, PhD on aspects of the alcohol research, September 2014.

Another key finding was “The biggest predictor for drinking alcohol in year 10 being early parental supply through school years 7 to 9”.

The chief investigator, Professor Mattick, said the results “shocked researchers”. “Adolescent drinking was linked to later harms in early adulthood including injury, sexually transmitted diseases and adult alcohol dependence”.

“I recommend young teenagers avoid alcohol for as long as possible”  
Australian Drug Foundation spokesman Geoff Munro, September 2014.

It does not shock me as I have seen this exact result in study after study after study.

Introducing your kids to alcohol early just simply gives them a taste for it.

As reported by The Daily Mail Australia and AAP on September 9, 2014.



Posted: Wednesday 1 October 2014