Limiting saturated fats can "improve lipid profile"

This means your body fats mix is improved and your blood quality is improved. 

This brand new research confirms again that the study earlier in 2014 suggesting that somehow saturated fats are now heart friendly and healthy (which almost immediately the authors themselves announced had flaws), was not at all the entire story. 

“This adds to the large body of research we have suggesting that unsaturated fats are preferable to saturated fats”
Professor Alice Lichtenstein, DSc,  American Heart Association, Tufts University, October 2014. 

Almost every other study done has found that “limiting saturated fats in the diet can reduce cardiovascular risk”. 

Study by Iggman D, et al “Role of dietary fats in modulating cardiometabolic risk during moderate weight gain: a randomized double-blind overfeeding trial (LIPOGAIN Study)” as published in the Journal of the American Heart Association 2014; DOI: 10.1161/JAHA.114.001095.

Posted: Saturday 15 November 2014