Goodbye Misao, you are an inspiration

Sadly, one of the most impressive centenarians, Misao Okawa, died yesterday 

She was 117 and often remarked that her longevity was due to “hard work, eating well and getting at least 8 hours sleep per night”.  She died peacefully in her sleep, of old age.  This is the way most of us dream of going. 

Born in 1898, passed in 2015.  Now that is a life well lived. 

Her favourite meal was sushi and my favourite quote from her was “You have to learn to relax”.  

The current president of the nursing home she was in said “I thank her for teaching various experiences to me. I am feeling lonely as I have lived with her since her entry here in 1997”. 

I also feel sad on hearing this news today as she has inspired me and countless others into living a long healthy life free of drugs and disease. 

Rest in Peace Misao, you have left a legacy of magical smiles and we miss you already.


Posted: Friday 3 April 2015