Over 25% of all EU deaths are now caused by cancer alone

Sadly the cancer rates and deaths just keep rising year after year after year.

The EU28 2011 update from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union (as publically released in November 2014), has found:

  • Cancer was the cause of death for 1.281 million people
  • This is 26.3% of all deaths
  • Deaths due to cancer increased by 6.3% in the last 10 years
  • Cancer caused 37.1% of all causes of death in those aged under 65
  • Lung cancer was the main type of fatal cancer
  • Then followed colorectal cancer, breast cancer, pancreas cancer and prostate cancer
  • Cancer caused over 40% of all causes of death in those under 65 in many countries
  • Cancer caused almost 50% of all deaths under 65 in the Netherlands
  • Italy 45.2%, Spain 43.9% and Slovenia 40.9%
  • Finland was interestingly much lower, at 28.4%
  • The colorectal cancer deaths were highest in the meat-eating areas as they usually are, with Hungary 15.5%, Slovakia 15.3%, Portugal 15.0%, Croatia 14.7% and Spain 14.6%
  • The colorectal cancer deaths were lowest (less than 10%) in the plant-based wholefood Mediterranean areas of Cyprus 7.9% and Greece 8.9%
  • Also, interestingly, prostate cancer was highest in the three Nordic Member States: Sweden (11.0% of deaths due to cancer in the total population, and 20.9% of all deaths due to cancer among the male population), Denmark (7.9% and 15.1%) and Finland (7.6% and 14.4%).

Posted: Thursday 28 May 2015