Fasting shows benefits in preventing obesity and diabetes, again

It seems clear that if we eat less, eat better and regularly and intelligently fast, then many of our current health issues would be gone. The proof keeps mounting.

This latest study found that Regular Intelligent Fasting® (RIF) or clever ‘satisfying and delicious’ dietary restriction (not overeating, controlling when food is eaten) is practiced, then you have:

  1. Very low risk of obesity
  2. Protection against metabolic diseases
  3. Benefits even when the diet overall is not ideal
  4. Healthy bacteria being partially restored  

“We found that animals fed within a window of 8 to 12 hours had a number of protective and therapeutic health benefits compared with animals allowed to eat the same number of calories from the same food source at any time. The effect of eating time to nudge the gut microbiome, and host physiology towards health or disease without altering genes, nutrients, calories, or drugs opens new research avenues and cost-effective health-care strategies. For biologists, this offers a novel paradigm to understand the etiology of metabolic diseases and undesirable gut microbiomes in modern lifestyles marked with erratic eating patterns”  Dr. Satchidananda Panda, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, December 2014.

Study by Panda S, Chaix A, Zarrinpar A, and Miu P. “Time-Restricted Feeding Is a Preventative and Therapeutic Intervention against Diverse Nutritional Challenges”. Cell Metabolism, Volume 20, Issue 6, p991–1005, 2 December 2014.


Posted: Tuesday 12 May 2015