Asthma is not primarily a genetic problem

I cured my asthma after 25 years of daily drugs, attacks and breathing issues.  I did it through changing my diet, lifestyle and environment.

Many doctors and health professionals believe asthma is all about the chest, all about genetics, and is incurable.  I tend to disagree given my experience, my self-cure and the 25-year research I have done on the subject.

“Previous studies have likely overestimated the heritability of asthma. This could be because those estimates are based on correlations between family members that share environment as well as genes, which could inflate the heritability. Gene-environment interactions are not considered in these large scale association studies, and we know that these are particularly important in establishing individual risks for asthma. It was assumed that there would be rare mutations with larger effect sizes than the common variants we have been studying. Surprisingly, we found that low frequency mutations explain only a very small amount of asthma risk”
Dr. Carole Ober, chair of the Department of Human Genetics, University of Chicago, January 2015.

Q. What does this latest genetic-based Nature Communications study tell us?

A. Only 5% of people have “genetic” markers for asthma 

Study on more than 33,000 different genetic mutations, in more than 11,000 people of varied ethnicities, by Ober C, Igartua C, Myers RA, Mathias RA, Eng C, and Graves PE, researchers from the University of Chicago Medical Center “Ethnic-specific associations of rare and low-frequency DNA sequence variants with asthma” as published in the journal Nature Communications, January 2015.


Posted: Friday 27 March 2015