Childhood obesity surges 40% between ages 7-11

This is another window in to what the current diet and lifestyle choices are creating in the next generation.

This major new analysis from the Millennium Cohort Study has uncovered a danger period for our kids:

  • Obese or overweight children surge by 40% in the last four years of primary school
  • There is a powerful link between parents’ own weight and that of their children
  • Most children whose mothers were obese hit the age of 11 overweight
  • Around 25% of children were either overweight or obese by the age of 7
  • This grew to 35% of children by the age of 11
  • When all factors were taken into account, there was no independent link between class and weight

Study analysis from official NHS data and the Millennium Cohort Study charting the lifestyles of more than 13,000 British children from 2000-2014.

Posted: Wednesday 25 March 2015