Alcohol in Australia 2015

Alcohol damage is ravaging Australia more than almost everywhere else and it is getting worse every year. 

“Alcohol is responsible for a considerable burden of death, disease and injury in Australia. Alcohol-related harm to health is not limited to drinkers but also affects families, bystanders and the broader community”
The NHMRC, from the Australian Government, 2015. 

In the report, Australian adults:

  • 83% have consumed an alcoholic drink in the past 12 months 
  • 41% drink weekly 
  • 8% drink daily 

Alcohol use in Australia:

  • Alcohol is much more readily available now 
  • Alcohol is cheaper now compared with income 
  • Experience with alcohol is high among secondary school students 
  • By age of 14, 90% of students have tried alcohol 
  • By age 17, 70% of students have consumed alcohol in the last month 
  • Over 13% of all deaths among 14–17-year-old Australians are caused by alcohol 
  • 1 Australian teenager dies each week from alcohol-related causes 
  • Over 60 Australian teenagers are hospitalised each week from alcohol-related causes 
  • Alcohol consumption in Australia accounted for 3.3% of the total burden of disease and injury in 2003 and has grown dramatically since then 
  • Almost two 65-74-year-old Australians die from alcohol-related causes every day 
  • Alcohol is involved in up to half of all violent crimes (including domestic violence) 
  • Alcohol cost the Australian community about $15.3 billion in 2004 (and has grown every year since then) 

“Alcohol is second only to tobacco as a preventable cause of drug-related death and hospitalisation and from 1992-2001, more than 31,000 deaths were attributed to risky or high-risk alcohol consumption”

Posted: Thursday 29 January 2015