Fasting and naturopathy can cure without medicines

For those who have read my first book Eat Less, Live Long, you will know that I am a huge fan of seeing a good naturopath (like the JSB Naturopath!) and fasting.

 Dr P A Kareem. 

“Modern medical science treats diseases by administering medicine. Naturopathy, then, is the most modern medical science because you can prevent and cure diseases without medicine. Relieving ourselves from medicines is really the key. The web of medicines is such that you keep taking them, dosage increases, replacements are prescribed, and you are stuck. The solution is in preventing the need to fall back on them by turning to nutrition, exercise and other methods of purifying the body” 

“First off, we must understand where diseases come from. Most can be linked to our bad food habits. A lot of people don’t know what food they must eat, how much and at what time. Fasting is a powerful therapeutic process and it’s wonderful in how it allows our body to have dedicated physiological rest, helping it to repair, strengthen and heal the damaged organs. Even carnivorous animals don’t eat meat every day — a lion will eat meat a couple of times a month…”
Dr P A Kareem, Director and Chief Physician of Hygiene Health School of Naturopathy and Yoga in Calicut, Kerala, India, November 2014.

Posted: Wednesday 14 January 2015