Alcohol and drinking young - Part Three

I was asked to comment recently on the study showing that the younger you introduce your kids to alcohol, the more likely they are to become problem drinkers.

Here is part three of my response. 

According to Alcohol Concern 2013, the biggest rise in alcohol-related liver disease is now among women under 30. 

We also have breast cancer rates rising across the world – in line with increased drinking by the young.  

We know that “A significant increase in the risk of breast cancer is already present at one drink per day” as over 133 studies covering 121,000 breast cancer cases by Helmut K. Seitz, PhD, has shown us.  

  • Alcoholic gastritis increases 50% every year  
  • Alcohol-induced pancreatitis increases 46% every year  
  • Alcoholic liver failure increases 36% every year  
  • Being overweight and drinking alcohol TRIPLES the risk of fatal liver disease in women  
  • Over 10 TIMES more women die of cirrhosis now than in 1970  

The research is consistent, strong, peer-reviewed and solid, across all countries with higher drinking cultures.  It is the same anywhere there is an “It’s normal to drink” attitude about alcohol and/or people raising children to think that alcohol is somehow “a necessary or normal part of the day”.  

It is not.  

Moderate drinking throughout history, is one drink per week – with a meal.  

Not two drinks per night as a normal part of the day.   

Over 1-in-4 UK adults now drink to dangerous levels – and this is not hidden from the children even though the adults think their drinking levels are “fine and normal”.  

Liver disease is now one of the big killers in the UK – and growing every year.  

Posted: Thursday 16 October 2014