Gluten-rich flour identified as main cause of occupational asthma in France

I would suggest similar results would be shown here in NZ and in the pasta eating capital of the world; Italy. 

“This study has given us a detailed understanding of the occupational asthma cases in France. It helps to show us where people are being exposed to harmful agents and who is most likely to be affected. These findings are important as they can help with future prevention methods to make sure people who are at risk of occupational asthma are protected from it”
Professor Frederic De Blay, University Hospital Strasborg, September 7, 2014.

Gluten-rich processed flour was identified as the #1 cause of occupational asthmatic events in France. 

It was the cause of 20% of all cases. 

This is ahead of all other triggers such as chemicals, environmental aspects and animals.

I do not eat gluten-rich foods at all – except as a rare treat.  

Study on over 3 years of data, from a network of respiratory doctors specialising in occupational diseases, covering all cases of occupational asthma in France, as presented at the European Respiratory Society’s International Congress on September 7, 2014.

Posted: Monday 29 September 2014