Okinawan elders eat mostly vegetables

A great article here from the fabulous Willcox twin brothers who have studied the Okinawans so closely.

Here is a little piece from the Hawaii Herald article:

“The Willcox brothers — identical twins Bradley, who is a professor and researcher in the Department of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Hawai‘i’s John A. Burns School of Medicine, and Donald Craig Willcox, Ph.D., a professor of international public health and gerontology at Okinawa International University, — have been studying this phenomenon. Over the years, their conclusions have been published in books (“The Okinawa Program” and “The Okinawa Diet Plan”) and discussed on television programs and in news articles throughout the world.”

“Originally from Canada, the Willcox brothers first went to Okinawa in 1994 to study longevity (or long life) among the Okinawa population. They joined Dr. Makoto Suzuki, a cardiologist and geriatrician, who had been doing pioneering longevity research among the Okinawans and is on the faculties of the University of the Ryukyus and Okinawa International University. Twenty years have passed since the brothers went to Okinawa and their research findings have yielded much food for thought.”

“Donald Craig advises to select a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables as well as unrefined carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole wheat.”

“The traditional (Okinawan) diet is very vegetable-heavy. Over 70% of their daily caloric intake came from vegetables...”

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Posted: Thursday 28 August 2014