Obesity now leading and growing in Russia on the World Map

What has Russia changed over to? A meat-heavy, sugar-rich, highly-processed, low-fibre diet, high smoking and with more vodka than ever being drunk…

Here is a quote by Jenya, who was born in Russia, living there for 20 years and now a US citizen; “The Nutrition Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences has found that Russia now ranks fourth most overweight country in the world – 25% obesity and 55% overweight. I remember when I was growing up there were times when we considered it a privilege to eat meat. My parents and grandparents can remember waiting in long lines for hours just to get a loaf of bread...”

The State Statistical Office, Moscow, has confirmed that from 1950-1989 there was a dramatic change in the dietary choices of Russians.

Once Russia was a plant-based society based around grains and potatoes, now they are eating record amounts of meat, dairy produce and sugar.

WHO says that in Russia, 80% of deaths are now caused by preventable noncommunicable disease, the NCDs that I talk and warn about all the time…

What has driven this dietary change?

Economics, of course, as it has done everywhere else around the world. Russians have more disposable income to spend on takeaway foods.

If you go to Russia now you find McDonald’s, Subway and all the rest of the worst American foods widely available. This was not the case even as recently as the 1990s.

So in summary: Change from a plant-based wholefood diet to a meat-heavy, sugar-rich, highly-processed, low-fibre diet + continue to smoke in even greater amounts + lower the price of alcohol + increase alcohol intake across the country = 80% deaths and growing from preventable NCDs.


Posted: Saturday 23 August 2014