Heart disease reversed by plant-based wholefood diets proven again

Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, retired surgeon, is one of those incredible brave pioneering leaders in the area of diet and lifestyle curing modern disease.

His latest study, as published in August 2014 in the Journal of Family Practice is no different.

It shows yet again, the miracle that a healthy plant-based wholefood diet can bring to those with heart disease.

Study overview:

  • Patients were educated on and ate a plant-based wholefood diet
  • They avoided all processed food, animal foods and excess salts
  • The average age was 63 years old, they all started with heart disease and they followed the plant-based wholefood diet for almost 4 years
  • 93% reported improvement or complete reversal of chest pain
  • 81% had improvement of disease
  • 22% had documented disease reversal or “cured of heart disease”
  • The average weight loss was almost 19 pounds
  • After four years, of the 177 people who had followed the plant-based wholefood diet, there was only one major cardiovascular event
  • This is a 99%+ success rate at reversing heart disease and heart disease symptoms and progression

Study by Esselstyn CB and colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic, “A way to reverse CAD?” as published in the Journal of Family Practice 2014. 63(7); 356-364. 

Posted: Sunday 17 August 2014