Alcohol is not a part of heart friendly advice say experts - Part One

Those who follow my blog and writings know my position on alcohol very well.

It is a well marketed and normalised poison that is now officially the #3 cause of death in the world.

It is great to see more science proving that our usual alcohol intake has no place in a heart-friendly lifestyle. 

We know that a healthy diet when young leads to a high chance of a long healthy life and disease-free longevity. We also know that if you make changes when you are older you can prevent, treat and in most cases, reverse heart disease - if you are willing to make the diet and lifestyle changes necessary.

Here is more research confirming exactly that. The Northwestern University researchers revealed that changing to healthy lifestyle habits in your 30s and 40s can significantly lower heart disease risk and even reverse it.

“Each increase in healthy lifestyle factors was associated with a decreased risk of detectable coronary artery calcification and lower intima-media thickness. These are the two major markers of cardiovascular disease which can predict future cardiovascular events. Changes to unhealthy lifestyles have been observed to be associated with increased risk for subclinical atherosclerosis in middle age”
Circulation, June 30, 2014. 

Posted: Monday 11 August 2014