Young Australian men are far more obese and overweight than previously thought

Now 24% of young Australian men are obese, up from just 8% previously…

“An alarming number of young Australian men are exhibiting the physical characteristics of older men, where muscle mass has been replaced by fat. This has particular implications for muscle weakness and potential osteoporosis later in life. It seems that the modern sedentary lifestyle and poor diet of this group have contributed to this new trend at a population level. The fat to weight ratio appears to be disproportionately high in this group, which means many young men are carrying more fat, proportional to their weight, than expected”
Professor Julie Pasco, deputy director of the IMPACT Strategic Research Centre and Head of the Epi-Centre for Healthy Ageing, August 2014.

Study data from around 2500 people, aged 20–96 years, as participating in the long-term Geelong Osteoporosis Study, by Deakin University’s IMPACT Strategic Research Centre researchers, as published in the open access journal BMC Obesity, July 2014.

Posted: Saturday 9 August 2014