Saturated fat has not been given the 'all clear' for heart disease - Part Six

For those interested in more depth research on this subject, here are just a small selection of articles I have written on meat and disease. They are all fully referenced on each page:

Meat again directly linked to higher deaths from heart disease and cancer

Meat consumption drops and then so does heart disease and diabetes

Meat tested has very high levels of bad and harmful bacteria

Heart disease, obesity and early death higher on the meat-rich Standard American Diet (SAD)

Stroke higher in the South of America due to the poor dietary habits

Breast cancer and the connection to meat

Vegetable consumption again linked with lower risk for estrogen receptor negative breast cancer

Eat more plants to beat breast cancer

Heart attacks prevented by vegetarian diet shown yet again

Vegetarian diet cuts heart risk by 32%

Bowel cancer on the dramatic increase in men as predicted

Plant fibre lowers bowel cancer risk

High-fibre plant foods slow prostate cancer progression

Longevity boosted by a healthy plant-based lifestyle

Vegetable-rich diet improves kidney disease

Red meat raises gestational diabetes risk and nuts lower it

Cholesterol again shown to cause heart disease

Why a plant-based wholefood diet?

The only defensible option is to go vegetarian

Meat in China shown to be rat and cow

Bowel cancer survival rates affected by wholefoods

Breast cancer survival improved by eating cruciferous vegetables

Doctors reassured about vegetarian diets

Germany is eating too much meat and drinking too much alcohol

Meat allergies invite a plant-based cure

Posted: Monday 4 August 2014