Saturated fat has not been given the 'all clear' for heart disease - Part Five

The Okinawa Centenarian Study researchers said in 2010 that “Never in the history of nutrition research has the evidence been more clear and consistent: a high wholefood carbohydrate, low calorie, plant-based diet is the best for long-term health. There’s no doubt about it anymore, despite what you might have read in books advocating low-carb, high-animal-protein diets.”

Humans eat more meat now than we ever have in history.

Meat used to be a rare treat and never combined with all the low-fibre, acidic, processed food that we now eat; alongside a lack of sleep, high stress, a lack of sunshine, fresh air, green vegetables and sunlight directly on the skin.

A healthy, plant-based wholefood diet can help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancers of all types, diabetes and obesity.

These are the four biggest killers and most preventable diseases today.

Vegetarians live longer, healthier lives.

For all of the above reasons (and many more to be covered another day), I recommend you avoid the large amounts of saturated fats found in animal foods and instead eat a more "plant-based wholefood diet". The amount of animal foods you add is up to you. However, please remember that there is no one diet that works for everyone.

Whatever you decide to eat, we here at JSB wish you a long healthy life free from drugs and disease.

Enjoy your food, and whatever else you do – eat more plants!


Posted: Sunday 3 August 2014