The President of the American College of Cardiology now eats and recommends a plant-based wholefood diet - Part One

As the research and proof around plant-based wholefood diets being the best prevention for heart disease grows almost weekly, leaders across the cardiology world are changing their diets and the diets of their patients.

Cardiologist Dr Kim A. Williams, MD, from Rush University in Chicago, and next President of the American College of Cardiology, wrote some game-changing advice about heart health in July 2014.

If you think there is nothing you can do about heart disease then think again, as he did. On seeing the new evidence on a plant-based wholefood diet and the incredible reversal of disease it can create, he acted, he changed his diet and he transformed his health, after seeing a patient of his do it.

This is the kind of doctor I have absolute admiration for. He sees the overwhelming new evidence all around him, and even though it did not fit his paradigm, he embraced it and made change. What an inspirational act inside and indeed, leading from the front, of a mainstream medical organisation.

Maximum respect needs to be shown for his bravery and intelligence.

He gives me hope.

His amazing words will follow tomorrow.




Posted: Sunday 27 July 2014