Costs of obesity crisis facing the British NHS are unsustainable

I keep bringing this up and it sounds like a strange and unbelievable thing to talk about but within 20 years many countries will go bankrupt due to the rising healthcare costs from preventable disease.  We have to act now.

“Inaction is not an option.  Diets should be made part of health policy.  We need to tackle the root cause, the food environment; otherwise we will be crippled by the cost”
Dr Aseem Malhotra, a London cardiologist, June 2014.

This Independent article states “The NHS is facing unsustainable costs due to obesity.  The obesity crisis in the UK is so serious that National Health Service hospitals are buying specialist equipment to keep bodies cool because they are too large to fit into mortuary fridges.  They are also having to widen corridors, buy reinforced beds and lifting equipment in order to cope with the growing numbers of obese patients coming though their doors.  Hospitals have spent at least £5.5m (€6.8m) over the past three years to allow the treatment of larger patients.  Experts warn that the cost of treating overweight and obese patients could rise to at least £10m (€12.5) a year as the British population's waistlines continue to expand.  A quarter of adults in the UK are estimated to be obese and the number is expected to grow to account for more than half in the next 30 years.  Hospitals are buying specialist beds, wheelchairs, toilets and crutches for obese patients, a Freedom of Information request shows...”

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Posted: Saturday 19 July 2014