Fibre rich foods fight heart disease

Fibre only exists in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, wholegrains and legumes – all plants.

“The results are pretty amazing.  Younger (20 to 39 years) and middle-aged (40 to 59 years) adults with the highest fiber intake, compared to those with the lowest fiber intake, showed a statistically significant lower lifetime risk for cardiovascular disease”
Study leader Hongyan Ning, February 2014.

“It’s long been known that high fiber diets can help people lose weight, lower cholesterol and improve hypertension.  The results of this study make a lot of sense because weight, cholesterol and hypertension are major determinants of your long-term risk for cardiovascular disease”
Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, February 2014.

This new study has confirmed the correlation between eating a high-fibre diet and a much lower chance of all kinds of cardiovascular diseases - over your lifetime.

Study review on data from 11,000 adults participating in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, by Hongyan Ning and Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, as reported by The Inquisitor and The Daily Times, Feb/March 2014.



Posted: Thursday 17 July 2014