Vegetarian diet linked to dramatically lower cancer risk

Yet again, a massive research project shows that eating less meat lowers your risk of preventable cancers.  The authors write “In this British population, the risk of some cancers is lower in fish eaters and vegetarians than in meat eaters.”

“…it is true that a plant-based diet is associated with reduced risk of all cancers”
David Liu, PHD.

What have these two huge prospective studies covering 61,647 British men and women found?

  • Vegetarians were 77% less likely to develop multiple myeloma (cancer of plasma cells) than meat eaters
  • Vegetarians were 63% less likely to develop stomach cancer than meat eaters
  • Vegetarians were 36% less likely to develop cancers of the lymphatic and hematopoietic tissue than meat eaters
  • Fish eaters were 38% less likely to develop stomach cancer than meat eaters
  • 10.1% of meat eaters developed cancer
  • 6% of fish eaters developed cancer
  • 5.9% of vegetarians developed cancer – almost half the levels of meat eaters

Study by Key TJ, Appleby PN, Crowe FL, Bradbury KE, Schmidt JA, Travis RC “Cancer in British vegetarians: updated analyses of 4998 incident cancers in a cohort of 32,491 meat eaters, 8612 fish eaters, 18,298 vegetarians and 2246 vegans” as published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2014 Jun 4. Pii: ajcn.071266.  As reported by on Monday June 16, 2014.


Posted: Wednesday 16 July 2014