I wonder why the public does not trust the tobacco industry...

The first two studies proving that lung cancer was caused by cigarettes happened in 1932.  The cigarette companies admitted it in 1992.  Hmmm…

Here is a slice from the article:

“Three years ago, the Department of Health commissioned an in-depth review of the evidence for and against standardised cigarette packaging.  Known as the ‘Stirling Review’, it was initially built from 37 detailed studies, and was reinforced with an update covering a further 17 studies a year or so later.  The evidence was clear: putting cigarettes in plain, standardised packaging reduces the appeal of tobacco products.”

“What was Big Tobacco’s response?  Analysts predicted a “bare-knuckle fight” – and so it proved.  But according to sporting wisdom, a ‘boxer’ will always beat a ‘brawler’.  In other words, finely tuned skills and technical ability will outdo undisciplined marauding.  The tobacco industry takes the marauding approach, throwing more than a few shots below the belt.  Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to work- at least as far as the public are concerned.” 

“Despite the chronic lack of trust, the tobacco industry persists with a deluge of ‘information’ – we’d call it misinformation – to try to influence the debate about tobacco control.”

A great Science Blog article here as posted on June 19, 2014 by Chris Woodhall.  Here is the full link: http://scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org/2014/06/19/no-wonder-the-public-dont-trust-the-tobacco-industry/

Posted: Monday 14 July 2014