Which heart disease diets genuinely work?

Cardiovascular diseases are the #1 killer in the world.  It has been said that “Heart disease is a food borne illness”, so which diets really work for heart disease?

A 2014 paper titled “Diets to Prevent Coronary Heart Disease 1957-2013” took a look at all the heart disease diet trends and then looked at the evidence of success in treating and reversing heart disease.

Here are the top four diets found for reversing and treating heart disease, based on the long term evidence of actually stopping people from dying…:

  1. The Ornish Diet (low-fat, plant-based wholefood diet), when fed to patients with known coronary artery disease, resulted in heart disease reversal of 82% after one year and was reduced even further after five years.
  2. Lyon Diet Heart Study (healthy vegetarian-with-fish Mediterranean diet), when fed to heart attack had a 72% reduction in heart attacks and death.
  3. Experiment of Heart Attack Survival Diet (high plants, nuts, fish, soybeans and low meat, eggs and fat), when fed to heart attack/acute myocardial infarction patients, after one year reduced cholesterol levels, lowered heart attack rates and increased survival rates.
  4. PREvención con DIeta MEDiterránean Study (PREDIMED Mediterranean high vegetable diet), when fed to heart patients, gave significantly lower rates of stroke, heart attacks and death.

Diets to Prevent Coronary Heart Disease 1957-2013 with summary stats by everydayhealth.com, as reported on June 16, 2014.



Posted: Saturday 12 July 2014