Red meat, dairy foods and saturated fats are still a high risk diet

A great recent article here written from a common sense perspective and how one very debatable study does not maketh saturated fats safe. 

Here is a little taster from the article: “While news media trumpeted that it is now “safe to eat butter”, some dissenting medical voices have begun to question the Chowdhury study’s premises. I called Tim Key, a professor of epidemiology at Oxford University, who is one of the leaders of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (Epic), one of the biggest studies ever conducted to look at the effects of diet on health.”

“While Prof Key acknowledges that his expertise is in cancer, not cardiovascular disease, he says the Chowdhury study did not take several important factors into account. One problem is that it can be notoriously hard to judge how much saturated fat a study subject consumes when they note in their food diary that they ate a steak. (What type of cow? What was it fed?) “In my opinion, the evidence is pretty persuasive that saturated fat does matter for heart disease,” he says.

This will not be good news to followers of the trendy Paleo diet.”

Full article here:

Posted: Friday 11 July 2014