DRY JULY 'Alcohol and me' letters

An eye-opening article from everyday people in The Irish Times.

“As part of the Sobriety Diaries series, The Irish Times invited readers to tell us about their relationships with alcohol. Here are some of the 100-plus responses;

“I feel trapped by alcohol. I’ve been avoiding the question “Am I an alcoholic?” for many years. One thing’s for sure: I drink a lot. I appear normal, but I drink heavily behind the scenes. I’m almost never drunk in public or late for work. I drink about six nights a week, however, and easily consume a bottle of wine on my own, maybe preceded by a few strong ales. I fear giving up alcohol. I fear for the future. I want my daughter to grow up proud of her father. Every morning I wake early, lie beside my partner and feel profound guilt. I know that I drank too much the night before. It doesn’t take long for the guilt to wear off. The alcohol makes you lie. I know it, and I’m unable to do anything about it. I feel trapped, yet it’s my only escape.”

Full article here: http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/alcohol-and-me-1.1798618



Posted: Tuesday 8 July 2014