DRY JULY Alcohol harms one in three non drinkers...

Sadly, alcohol is not a benign activity…

A 2014 report called ‘Alcohol’s Harm to Others’ by the Irish HSE has shed some light on the heavy drinking culture damage in Ireland:

  • Almost one-in-three people in Ireland have been harmed by someone else’s drinking
  • Consequences include “family and financial problems, assault, having property vandalised and being a passenger with a drunk driver”
  • One in six women experienced family problems
  • One in nine men reported assaults
  • Children were badly affected, with one in 10 parents and guardians saying that “their children experienced or witnessed serious violence in the home, hurt, verbal and physical abuse, or left in unsafe situations in the past 12 months because of someone else’s drinking”

The report confirmed that little progress has been made in the last two decades in implementing effective policies to reduce alcohol-related harm, despite many reports.

As reported by the Irish Examiner on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.


Posted: Saturday 5 July 2014