Oats and porridge could protect against cancer and heart disease

I have raised all four of my children on the same three options for breakfast; soaked oats, porridge or cooked hulled millet.  These are great foods!

There has been some new research showing how good porridge actually is for the human digestive system, and how it protects you from heart disease and cancers.

On March 18th 2014, scientists talking at the Annual Conference of the American Chemical Society in Dallas said “While the data to support the importance of oat beta-glucan remains, these studies reveal that the heart health benefit of eating oats may go beyond fibre.  As the scientific investigators dig deeper, we have discovered that the bioactive compounds found in oats may provide additional cardio-protective benefits.”

The bottom line is that this study of 10,000 children found that kids who eat oats regularly are 50% less likely to be overweight.

Oats contain:

  • beta-glucans, which have strong anti-oxidant properties and lower cholesterol
  • avenanthramide, which helps stop fat forming in the arteries, preventing atherosclerosis
  • components that help to lower blood pressure
  • fibres, to improve bowel health and lower cancer risk
  • vitamins
  • minerals


Posted: Thursday 19 June 2014