Meat increases stomach cancer risk by 17% says major study

The June 2014 issue of The Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology finds more bad news for meat eaters…

The abstract says:

  • "The association of red meat consumption with the risk of stomach cancer has been reported by many studies"
  • "We performed a meta-analysis of cohort and case–control studies to provide a quantitative assessment of this association"
  • "A total of 18 studies (PubMed and Embase before December 2013) involving 1,228,327 subjects were included in this meta-analysis"
  • "When stratified by the study design, the significant associations were observed in population-based case–control studies"
  • "The dose–response analysis associated every 100 g/day increment in red meat intake with a 17 % increased gastric cancer risk"
  • "A linear regression model further revealed that the risk of gastric cancer increased with increasing level of red meat consumption"
  • "The conclusion?  Increased intake of red meat might be a risk factor for stomach cancer"

Study by Peng Song, Ming Lu, Qin Yin, Lei Wu, Dong Zhang, Bo Fu, Baolin Wang and Qinghong Zhao, as published in the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, June 2014, Volume 140, Issue 6, pp 979-992.





Posted: Monday 16 June 2014