I love watching the Soccer World Cup but sadly...

A great article in the British Medical Journal this week talks about how the alcohol industry has hijacked this event to drive more and more people onto alcohol (it is called the ‘normalisation’ of alcohol).

In the article; “Reporter Jonathan Gornall points first to how the British government, under immense pressure from “drink companies” did a “humiliating U-turn over its alcohol policies” earlier this year and loosened its licensing laws to permit pubs in England and Wales to stay open longer during England matches with a late kick-off.  That change in policy, which is supposed to be implemented only during occasions of “exceptional international, national or local significance” (such as Prince William’s wedding in 2011 and the Queen’s diamond jubilee in 2012), is expected to help the alcohol industry reap an extra $34 million between now and the July 13 World Cup final.”

“But it is also expected to lead to an upsurge in emergency room visits.  For, as Gornall reports, during the 2010 World Cup, ER departments in British hospitals saw a 37.5% increase in injuries caused by assaults on the days England played.  And that was without extended drinking hours.

“But if the scale of alcohol’s influence on the British government and English football is extraordinary [18 of 20 teams in the U.K.’s Premier League are sponsored by alcohol companies], it is nothing compared with its efforts on the world stage,” writes Gornall.”

He explains why in the full article here: http://www.minnpost.com/second-opinion/2014/06/alcohol-industry-wins-public-health-loses-world-cup-2014



Posted: Saturday 14 June 2014